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When You Least Expect It a Miracle Arrives...

Today was 7am Phone Meditation Wednesday so, I rose at 6 to prepare myself by meditating for 30 minutes and opening my consciousness to my Divine Self. This subject and the experience of my Divine Self has had me very preoccupied for the last several months. Not just because it has been THE highlight and inspiration in my personal spiritual studies for these months, but also for the very serious reason that my Guide early on announced that I am to teach a class on "Channeling Your Divine Self". Huh? I just discovered the Divine Self series by Sanaya Roman ( and now, Anubis, my Spiritual Guide for over 30 years, wants me to teach it? I am clearly daunted, to say the least.

Anubis calmly replies, "We have been encouraging you return to your roots as a Channel for a reason. Reintroduce yourself to channeling. Teach it. Use it. Use us. And don't worry. We'll channel the Divine Self class for you. Besides, ever since you were 17, The Light has been The Constant throughout your experience."

I am less than becalmed. No. I am rattled. For weeks now, I am reaching, searching, de-stabilized. My mind is very serious. Too serious. How can I teach a class on a topic to which I have only recently been introduced and in which I have little mastery? What about the class outline? What is the process to reach the desired result? What about "road testing" the material?

Anubis again calmly replies, "Oh don't worry. You are being prepared. You know more than your mind "thinks" you know. Just keep practicing. Keep exploring. Do your best. It will all be fine."

Really??? Anubis' confidence in me is alarming at times!

Nearly everyday, and sometimes twice per day, I settle down to enjoy a Divine Self meditation. After all, I am on a mission. A serious mission. To learn and to know, without a doubt, the Divine Self material inside and out, before I teach the class in the spring!

Well, yeah. There are times when I listen to a Divine Self guided meditation at night as I drift off to sleep. Some call that cheating. I suspect that it's one way of getting around the din and clutter of my waking-thought-life and allowing the experience go directly into my subconscious. And - I find that I have assimilated more than I might have done had I not done the "drifting off to sleep meditation". I have practiced the drift off to sleep meditation since I started meditating back in the mid 1980's. Everything seems to have turned out all right...

Returning to this mornings Phone meditation... First, I'll let you in on a little secret. I never know what is in store on these meditations. I don't know if I will be channeling Anubis, or if I am opening the Divine Portal to the Akashic Records of the Group, or if some words will come out of me and I am led by the visuals and the energy itself. And you now what? I don't want to know in advance. That would feel rehearsed. I have thirty years experience knowing that the authenticity and genuine experience of The Light and the energy brought through me, in the moment, is a far finer end product than something rehearsed. There is no imitating, no pretending and no "Annie's Agenda" in channeling. Its a for real, never been done before, F&*$!?%# no holds barred "trust walk"! HaHA!

I didn't feel that my 6am Divine Self meditation this morning was anything out of the ordinary. No big Ah Ha. No emotional opening of The Light with the celestial choir singing in the clouds. Kinda ordinary, actually. My attention did seem to wander off the instructions some. Oh well. Sometimes I just meditate and scratch that off the To Do List.

When Anubis opened todays guided meditation with the signature "Greetings and Welcome from Anubis..." I could feel the energy was very organized and coherent. Very stable. As I followed the thread, Anubis floated us to the connection with our individual Permanent Atom of Light, and later, to the connection with the Divine Self. I could feel the Divine Self perceiving my Permanent Atom of Light. The two perceptions held each other with all of the participants in the center, in a perfume of love, perfection and complete allowingness. The overlap produced a palpable harmony. Deeply quiet and softly embracing.

As the meditation drew to a close, I knew that Anubis was right (Again!). I can trust that channeling Anubis leads the way to the path that the Divine Self is opening for me. Todays meditation is the perfect Preparation Meditation for the "Channeling Your Divine Self" class. As such, I offer it to you here: I would love to receive your private emails regarding your experience of this meditation at

Watch for the Class Announcement coming soon. I look forward to sharing the joy of the Divine Self with you.

Annie Bachelder, Divine Light Channel & Akashic Readings 415-846-2412

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