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What are the Akashic Records?


“The Akasha is essentially raw energy before our thoughts and feelings crystalize it into material forms, usually forms which we are focusing on (a relationship, a car, a vacation, a job), desiring, working toward, and consciously or unconsciously creating.” Annie Bachelder


"AKASHA is a Sanskrit word meaning Primary Substance out of which all things are formed… It is the first stage of the crystallization of Spirit...of exquisite fineness and so sensitive that the slightest vibrations register an indelible impression on it."  Levi H. Dowling, author “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ”


"Accessed via a Sacred prayer, the Akashic Records are a soul level dimension of consciousness that contains the vibrational record of every soul and it’s journey. This vibrational body of consciousness exists everywhere in its entirety and is completely available at all times in all places. As such, the Akashic Records are an experiential repository of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its lifetimes and future possibilities. Every time we access the Records, our awareness is affected by this Light, and we become "en-Lightened" by it. When this happens, the effects become evident in our thoughts and emotions and we begin to experience an increased sense of peace and well-being . In the process of accessing your Akashic Records you transition from an ordinary state of human consciousness to a state of Divine Universal consciousness… through which we can receive Divine illumination.”  Dr. Linda Howe, author and teacher, "How to Read the Akashic Records"


There are many levels of healing in the Akashic Records and these three are the most commonly addressed during your reading: 


1) The Problem 

2) Causes and Conditions

3) The Soul level energy pattern shift that resolves the problem. 


"I try to clear your issues fully on the first reading, however, with long standing complex problems you may need more than one reading to completely clear the layers of the issue and to mine the many reasons your Soul is using this as a learning tool. The good news is that Akashic Records readings clarify your higher purpose in creating certain challenges (you are not bad and wrong for having these challenges!), and detail practical actions empowering your healing which bring the blessed relief! Readings often have past-life clearings which often creates a permanent shift in your energy pattern. Readings may also include information about your Ancestors and your Soul Group and its mission, further illuminating your path and eliminating obstacles to your evolution."


What can I expect during a Divine Light or an Akashic Records reading?


Please note: for your benefit it is strongly recommended that no alcohol or recreational drugs be consumed for 24 hours prior to your reading. The clearer your energy is, the more potent the reading you receive.


I open the Divine Portal to your Divine Self, or to your Akashic Records, using your current legal name and via a Sacred Prayer. Your job is to relax and enjoy your experience. Then, I "see" you clairvoyantly and I discuss what I am seeing with you and we begin addressing your questions. As you describe your questions or problems, your Guides communicate with me through images, sensations, concepts and words. Healing energy is transmitted on our spoken words. Readings have to do with a) how you got into this mess, b) why you need this to evolve, C) what you can do to love yourself unconditionally even though you have had this problem and d) what appropriate actions to take that make your life wonderful. There may - or may not - be past life information for you depending on what your Guides have determined is truly important to advancing your personal and spiritual growth. Often there is information relating to your ancestors and family line. This Soul-level information and Divine Self Light is tailored to you alone. Throughout the reading, you are bathed in your Souls Light and Divine Light. Naturally, what is revealed for you in this rarefied climate, is for both your highest good and the highest good of all those affected throughout time. Finally, we close your reading with a prayer of thanks.  See #6 below. 


How should I prepare for my reading?


Questions are extremely powerful in the Records. Take a few moments to write down your questions prior to your appointment. Attention to crafting of your questions will enhance the information revealed and the energetic shift you receive during your reading. Think of an area or relationship you find most challenging, confusing or irritating. What do you find yourself mulling over and over again? Think of your health, wealth, your spiritual goals. In what part of your life do you feel stuck? What feels incomplete to you? Write down what is it you really want to know. 

The following questions illicit pertinent detail. The most effective questions start with What, Why and How. For example:

  • What actions might I take to manifest _______?

  • How am I connected to ______ and what is our mission together?

  • What was the higher purpose of ________?

  • Why is the seemingly negative situation regarding ______ good for me?

  • How might I peacefully navigate an upcoming challenging and stressful event?

  • What needs to take place or shift in me for _______ to happen?

  • I have plenty of friends. Why do I still feel lonely?

  • What past life issue is ready to be cleared in this reading?



Why are questions regarding "When..." the least useful?


Unfortunately, "time" as we know it does not exist in the Records. There are better divination (future telling) tools than the Records. However, questions such as "When will I meet my Soul mate?" are best formulated as "What needs to shift in me so that I can both receive and give love to a Soul mate?" or "What is delaying or blocking a relationship with a Soul mate?" A question such as "when is a good time to buy a house/car/go to school?" might illicit quality information if asked as "How can I prepare myself for a new home or car purchase?"  Experiment with formatting your query's as "What". "Why" and "How" questions as you prepare for your reading. Writing down your questions is powerful! It speeds resolution and clears obstructions to action.



Should my boyfriend/partner/parent/sibling/child have a reading?


Again, there are no "should's" in the Akashic Records. Of course, I strongly encourage you to purchase gift certificates and to recommend my services to others! However, the outcome of a reading for another person will be exactly appropriate for that person and may not satisfy your agenda for this person. If you are looking to "fix" someone (i.e. get them to start doing or being something, or to stop doing or being something in order for you to be happy) I strongly encourage you to have a reading to discover how you can be happier and more fulfilled regardless of another person's behavior. Akashic Records Readings are spiritual not psychic, occur in the Light of the Soul, and as such, are an empowering option for anyone with only a modicum of spiritual intent or interest. Readings are about what is important for, and to, the person being read: their goals, challenges and opportunities. Gift Certificates are perfect gifts for people who have enough "stuff" but would appreciate a new experience, a new perspective on an old issue or for people who are spiritually inquisitive.  



I'm on the fence - why should I have a reading?


There are no "should's" in the Akashic Records, therefore, you might choose to have a reading to

• resolve dilemmas or relationships which cause you consistent consternation and upset

• address problems that haven't budged, especially regarding health

• allow the release of historic and repetitious relationship problems that plague you

• free yourself from feelings of oppression and depression

• release unwanted ancestor and/or past life influences which are blocking your own goodness

• highlight and enlarge your spiritual life and aspirations

• gain clarity and confidence about a particular issue -or- life in general

• experience your own goodness after a long spell of disconnection

• ask about what you really want to know! 




What is the difference between an Akashic Records Readings and a Psychic Reading?

After doing readings for over 30 years I notice a big difference.  Traditional Psychic Readings are based in FEAR - "how can I get around an anxiously expected bad outcome or event I am fearing?" or "how can I beat the dealer"? In a Channeled Reading I channel my Spirit Guide, Anubis. I channel with my eyes closed in order to perceive the visions, images, impressions and sensations that Anubis is transmitting to me. Anubis has a distinct personality, often humorous and joyful. I have channeled Anubis for a long time and our connection is strong, loving, apparently permanent. Anubis has assisted me in a myriad of ways, encouraging my spiritual growth, helping me to navigate years of chronically debilitating multiple sclerosis, teaching me processes, playing with Light and energy, and grooming me to be the Akashic Records Practitioner that I am today and preparing me to teach “Channeling Your Divine Self.’ 


Akashic Records Readings are spiritual - not psychic.  The Records are in a different consciousness dimension than most Guides, Angels and other entities. Accessed via a Sacred Prayer, Akashic Records Readings are crisp, informative, loving, remarkably useful and practical.  Evoking your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in your Records is akin to consulting to your personal Spiritual Advisory Council,  whose knowledge spans the Universe and the hundreds of lifetimes that make up your entire existence .  The quality of peace experienced in the Records swells palpably as the Records are opened. A past life may be shown to me with clear descriptions that speak directly and symbolically to your questions, often on several levels. The Light in the Records is healing in and of itself. I do not direct it, send it or otherwise instruct the Light. The Light knows where to go and what to do for each individual. Often the client, heavy with upset and questions, will leave the reading stating that she/he feels remarkably uplifted, clear and refreshed. The energy of your Akashic Records is transmitted on the formed word. Clients report the most unexpected healing and surprising shifts in perspective that allowed them to take their next steps with ease.  Finally, we close your records with a prayer that ends the reading on the spiritual note of Gratitude



What is Annie's specialty and how does that benefit me?


My specialty is connecting you with your Soul and Its Light. The Light of your Soul is finding itself in you, reflected as a spark in each of your cells. My Higher Purpose is amplifying the Light of the Soul so that you experience your own Soul Light vividly. This fertilizes your spiritual growth, creates harmony in your life and eases (or remedies) your stress and health challenges. Because of my history of multiple sclerosis and the 10 years I spent disabled, I am uniquely qualified to help you with your chronic illness or health concerns from a non-judgmental place that honors your Path. I am very skilled at doing Real Estate Readings. We can open the Akashic Records of any address that you legally rent, lease or own, or that is on the open market for rent, lease or sale. Revealed in the address is the condition of the structure and land as well as construction defects, concerns or dark energy needing attention. It makes clear whether or not this location benefits you, supports or detracts from you, and enhances physical and spiritual growth.

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