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Opening to Channel

Opening to Channel Learn how to receive and communicate with a loving Spirit Guide, whose higher purpose matches your Soul's purpose in this lifetime. Learn how to sense the energy your Guide shares with you in ways that inform, heal, and elevate you and those for whom you channel guidance. This class increases your spiritual connection, amplifies your Soul's purpose, clarifying useful and practical everyday action steps and specialty purposes. "Intuition on steroids." Saturday, February 3 and Sunday February 4, 12noon to 5pm Pacific Time. Tuition $244 on Zoom.

Beginning Akashic Records

Your Soul's Akashic Records clarify and carry you forward on YOUR Soul path.

Learn to open and read YOUR Akashic Records. 

Discover the best ways to get clear information on next steps on YOUR Path. 

Know how these steps promote YOUR path and evolution. 

Learn who you are here to help on YOUR path. 

Reveal HOW your path helps YOU & others. 

Remove obstacles to navigating YOUR Path. 

Pay $425 Tuition via Venmo 

Get out of YOUR rut 

Get into YOUR highest groove 

Help YOURSELF and others Receive life changing validation 

Energetically HEAL yourself and others 

Learn life transforming skills Be the example YOU are searching for!

Zoom Video class:

Saturday, March 2, 12pm to 5pm Pacific

Sunday, March 3, 12pm to 5pm Pacific 

Pay $425 Tuition via Venmo (Venmo is strongly preferred or PayPal if that's better for you.)

Complimentary Weekly Energy Preview

Complimentary Wednesday Morning Guided Meditations live on Facebook from 7:30AM Pacific to 8AM


Please join me every Wednesday at  for a live video channeling and tarot cards that detail the energy preview of the current week and how to navigate and flow with the energy reducing resistance and struggle in your life.


It's an awesome way to have a great day filled with Light, clarity and joy! See you on Facebook!


 With regular practice you will have a new experience of who you are in daily life and how your Light is reflected -- and functioning on your behalf --  in everything you do.

Join my private Facebook group “Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness"

Live video events every Wednesday at 9amPT/12NoonET where you write your question in the comments and receive a channeled answer in response.

Join the Facebook group here.

My channeled book has been published in paperback!

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