The Akashic Transformation Process unlocks the compassion, wisdom, guidance and healing of your Akashic Records in a comprehensive 8 session (not 8week) Zoom class. This class is both a beginners guide and an in depth, highly advanced course on mastering your skills in the Akashic Records.

  • Learn my proven process for accessing the Akashic Records

  • Learn how to read the Akashic Records for yourself and for others

  • Receive with confidence the answers you need to move forward

  • Consciously shift into an accelerated timeline

  • Transform your “problems”

  • Heal accumulated karma

  • Access timeless wisdom, energy & healing

  • Manifest your Soul’s Purposes

  • Elevate and dignify your perspective in challenging situations

  • Clear ancestral interferences 

  • Clear blockages to personal & professional progress

  • Heal physical, emotional & mental issues

  • Create with imagination, intention and purpose

  • Get answers to business, personal and spiritual questions regarding love, money, career, health, purchases, choices, relationships, real estate and doing highly effective and transformative inner work.

4 Tuesdays, starting September 22, 2020

AND 4 Saturdays September 26 through October 17, 2020

12noon to 4:00pm both days

Zoom Online class

Tuition $850

Sign up with a friend and get a $200 savings on your tuition.


Deluxe Tuition: $995. includes a 90 minute Zoom reading.

Complimentary Wednesday Morning Meditations

Complimentary Wednesday Morning Guided Meditations live on Facebook from 7 AM Pacific to 7:40 AM


Please join me every Wednesday at  for a live video of me channeling a guided meditation that enhances your own Divine Light.


It's an awesome way to have a great day filled with Light, clarity and joy! See you on Facebook!


 With regular practice you will have a new experience of who you are in daily life and how your Light is reflected -- and functioning on your behalf --  in everything you do.

Healing Self Doubt 

There is an epidemic of self-doubt that is affecting so many people! My Guides created this 2 hour online class to neutralize self-doubt. Healing Self-Doubt is a universally helpful class full of tools, tips and - my favorite - energy shifts.

Don't doubt and don't wait. Take Action and Sign up now!

Zoom online, Saturday, September 19, 2020, Noon to 2pm. 

Tuition $34 Please use Venmo or PayPal to remit tuition and you will receive an email with Zoom instructions so you can join the class. 



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