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"Annie: You are a wonder! Your insights into my past were amazing and such a powerful learning for me. I so appreciated your encouragement woven with such very good guidance. I will see you again soon!”

Mary Ann M.

Sebastopol, CA


"Things are moving forward well with the house for which J had the reading. Your information was helpful and accurate. Crazy how much magic has occurred to line us up with it."

B & J B.

Real Estate Reading

Novato, CA


"I had a reading yesterday with Annie and I can warmly recommend that others try it out. It was my first reading ever and although I was skeptical (Over analytical brain) I truly did feel a shift after the reading. Annie is warm, compassionate, very funny and just lovely in her delivery. All in all, a great experience that I will repeat in the future."

Theresa C.

Alborg, Denmark


"I’m so glad I decided to get a reading with Annie.  I had heard about her for years from a friend of mine and the other day out of the blue I just decided to book an appointment!  I felt such a deep and genuine love radiating from her and that she was really listening to me beyond words.  Her wisdom and insights we practical and compassionate, and afterwards I felt reinforced in my own inner strength and able to let go of a lot of things I have been worried about. I couldn’t be more grateful!"

Alexis A.

Northern CA


"I've never had a Akashic Records reading before....Annie gave me one and was amazed I never knew this was available to us.... after the reading things were cleared and I was able to get the tools I needed to continue on my spiritual journey..... she also connected with my recently deceased husband and he had a lot to say through Annie..... Grateful for having the opportunity to learn about myself."

Kuky Nelson,

Novato, CA


"Thanks Annie!! I really enjoyed the reading and am looking forward to the next time! It was helpful that you could read very clearly for me so I could understand. I felt relaxed and happy during the reading. I have a new perspective of my repetitive relationship patterns, am now at peace and I have changed my attitude."

R. S.


"A reading with Annie is a gift to your soul. Annie is wise and knowledgeable, and, at the same time, very down to earth. She sees the relationship between ancient energies and your current life situation with ease and communicates what she sees in a way that is understandable and accessible. I feel validated, liberated, and enthused about the projects I am pursuing!"

S. W.



"Annie has an amazing talent to meet you with compassion, humor, and profound guidance. It's not often you come across a professional of her caliber who can go directly to your questions or concerns and open them to a new light and understanding.  Thank you, Annie!"

Nattalee K. Kilco,


Thank you so much for all of this and for our time together!  I listened to it again this morning and wrote down so many notes. As this was my first Akashic Records reading, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had so much fun with you, the time flew by. I so appreciate your gifts; your insight and connection with the spiritual world, your honesty and ability to give a wider perspective, your sense of humor and use of stories and metaphors. I felt such high vibrational energy flowing as confirmation of what you were telling me, a validation of the truth of your words.  It was as if you were giving form to my souls’ experience, bringing it out of my inner world and shedding light on it though speech. Everything you shared with me explains so much of my life and has given me a deeper understanding of where I am at in my journey. It has given me a much richer insight into my existence and tied together so many loose ends. Since our time together, I have had some wonderful activation and expect that more will be coming. I look forward to connecting with you again in the near future."      


San Rafael, CA


“Thank you for the exceptional reading yesterday. It was exceedingly helpful, for myself and my daughter is very appreciative of what you channeled "for her" and we both agree that you just provided 5 years of relationship information. It has put her into a spot of better accepting the so-called shortcomings of her new boyfriend, and perhaps even loving him a bit more. 

Even more so, your acknowledgment of my daughter and her development as a person must have settled something in her, because later in the evening, her life suddenly fell into place and the things she has been struggling with (education, area of study, future) became clear, easy choices. Last night she applied for college because - out of the blue - she is now ready and knows her direction. Thank you! "


Copenhagen, Denmark


"It is very inspiring and uplifting to have your insights and observations. I find myself feeling more hopeful afterwards and more willing to experience the present. I learned a lot by hearing your perspective and insights, and today, I feel more peace and self-acceptance.  So, thank you so much for that!"

L. A. B.


"Annie... it was a great reading.  I have no idea exactly what went on with “the surgery” that was involved, but my GERD symptoms are significantly reduced.  It was startling how that was relieved.  I am being referred to an orthopedist for the cyst (cistern) in my left leg.  It felt like such a joyful experience.  It was very helpful to know that my former husband is now on his journey and finds it no longer necessary to stay closer to the mortal world.  His forgiveness is complete with his asking.  And, I accept his apology.  He simply did not understand me. I felt a sense of completeness and fullness and I don’t know how to explain the sense I had once the reading was complete.  I felt I was in the room with my teachers and guides and we were urging each other on.  When you told me they were clapping I howled.  Yes, that is the relationship I want. I am loved and enough.... thank you for this work."

R. L.

Ashland, OR


It was such an immense joy to meet you. You’re a ray of pure sunlight and goodness. And it was an honor that you did my reading. It was super powerful and I felt like something shook loose. The next day, it felt like I was manifesting like crazy. " 


London & NY


"So powerful. I learned a lot about myself that I never knew. Will give you a call for another session soon.

Thank you!"

M. L. K.

San Rafael, CA


"I enjoyed our session yesterday - you put my soul at ease with respect to moving into this house.  I keep asking ‘Why would anyone (the entity still in the house) do that to themselves just to get attention?’ Which in turn continues to help me KNOW that I would never do that! Hence, I am not affected by that energy. And I am particularly grateful for your advice to infuse the home with essential oils to turn up the feminine volume. Am going to get on that today."


Woodside, CA


"You are a gifted individual that radiates Peace and Light. Thank you so much for helping me get through some difficult times in my personal and professional life. I continue to recommend your services to my family and friends. Dr. Tena M. Family Physician."

Dr. Tina M.


"I called Annie, because I was concerned about unusual swelling in my Left foot and leg.  Doctors haven't been able to diagnose it.  Annie reminded me that I've always been healthier during times when I was eating less white starches, and more of the grains usually called "ancient".  She also pegged the pains that I was having in my back and told me that a Chiropractor would be a good choice, because not only would that alleviate the pain in my back, but it would dissipate many of my other health issues as well.  I definitely felt the energy change around, me, when she began her reading, and when we were finished I had a plan for getting my health back on track. Annie rocks!"

S. H.

Petaluma, CA


"Annie has been a source of wisdom and inspiration for a couple of years now.  With a very full life of family of 4, full time leadership job and 3 side business projects, Annie's readings really help to provide validation that I am on the path that is meant for me.  She has a warm and personable energy that is able to not only be insightful, giving loving guidance towards next steps.  Give yourself a gift as we move into our next ride around the sun."

Amy Herbst

Ashland, OR


"Thank you again for the reading. I was worried I talked too much... I felt a strong need to lay some background down and to be heard, and you did so with grace and presence. I appreciate that so much. Afterward, I felt a sense of peace I’ve not felt in a long time... it was wonderful.

I listened to the reading again last night... that was so helpful, because your words were more clear than over the phone, and I got sit back and listen, instead of engaging. You were so insightful — you seemed to understand me through the records and your psychic connections. I also felt we related just as Marin women of the same generation...  we get each other and that means just as much to me as the reading! What a long strange trip it’s been, eh? Lol!

I appreciate the DETACH acronym... omg! Such a great reminder! And the forgiveness prayer — I scanned it just to get a sense before adopting it, and it made me tear up! It infused me with Grace and all I did was scan it! So I imagine saying it daily for 33 days will do wonders. I’m on it. My Cancer Crab shell has gotten pretty thick over these past 10 years since Mom passed... the reading and this prayer peeled away some layers of armor surrounding my heart. Just getting a glimpse of what it feels like to have an open heart again gives me hope."


Marin County 


“Wow! Thank you so much Annie for giving me clarity and insight on my situation. Since we last spoke I had a very heartfelt conversation with my partner and he was able to see how his emotional expectations of me were causing an imbalance in our relationship. We've both been doing a lot of soul searching and he's even reconnected with his mother and is seeing his relationship with her in a better light. I'm so excited for us to speak again in September, this was absolutely the guidance I needed. Thank you again!"

L. M. W.

East Bay, CA  


“Your Chronic Wellness Support Group is wonderful.  I am continually amazed at your gracious generosity of Spirit. This class is worth a thousand dollars a month to me.  Thank you for making it affordable.” 

L. L.



“I felt like you had real insights into the questions I was asking.  You totally understood that this life is dedicated to helping other people have an easier path through life.  I knew it inside but hadn’t really brought it up to the surface of my consciousness. I haven’t been fearful of death for a long time, but now I understand why I’m not fearful.  I’d like to delve deeper into spirituality and will check out the websites you recommended and set up another reading with you in the near future. Thanks so much!”


San Rafael, CA


“Your reading was nothing short of miraculous.  I felt held, supported and informed by my very own master’s, loved ones and healers.  I believe that you can bring us with you as you travel into a very sacred healing space.  You are completely the real deal.  Xoxo”

Dr. Rebecca Nystrom

San Rafael, CA


I am so grateful for you, the Chronic Wellness Process and working in the Akashic Records with you. I have changed so much with your amazing program and know this will not be my last time working with you. You changed my life! I have so much gratitude for all the goodness you brought to my life in these past seven months. Thank you, Annie!

Dayna Barnett

Mill Valley CA


“I have been feeling lighter and more hopeful since the reading. Like a big weight was lifted. Thank you so much!” 

Amy Lukens

Scot Valley, CA  


"Hi Annie it was a real pleasure speaking with you yesterday. Thanks for the amazing reading! The notion that I can live my life from a place of joy really resonated with me. What an amazing concept! So excited to practice this now!"

M. S.

Vancouver, BC


“I just listened again to the reading you gave me a year ago and there were so many relevant and useful pieces of information that apply now, in which I wasn’t even interested in at the time I had the reading.“

Gina W.

Novato, CA


“Thank you, Annie.  I just went back and listened to the first half, which was when the light beings were showering me with bright light.  Honestly, that was a transforming moment in my life - to realize that I am so loved and supported and that really, anything is possible with that kind of love and light.” 

Shannon W.


Annie is a bright light of inspired experience and undivided compassion. Everyone deserves to experience her gifts, they are powerful!

Dr. Sydne Pomin

San Rafael, CA 


You are amazing! Your ability to see and feel what I feel inside is phenomenal. The first time I came to see you I was struggling with some issues of letting go. With your assistance, I walked away feeling a weight a lifted that had been there for three years!  You are so good at helping me get clear on issues. When I saw you this year you hit the nail right on the head on several issues. I walk freely today. Your insight helped my assistant regain his health. You were right about his digestive problem! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Janet Hamilton

Marin County, CA


"It was so wonderful to find out that I have a past life talent that I can explore again. I could feel my body relaxing and opening up to the new opportunities that await me.  Annie, you gave me the encouragement and confidence to go for it!"  


Easy Bay, CA 


“You have been the beam of light through this whole MS disease process.  I thank YOU for all the wisdom, caring and compassion you have shown me.”

Lisa Heitkemper

Napa CA,

Chronic Wellness Process client

“Thank you for a lovely reading just now. My heart and being are much lighter now as a result.”

S. W.


“Annie’s readings are the super highway to clearing blockages, even the stronghold negative blocks transferred at birth from my parents and my lineage. She provides a safe structure to be able to discuss and clear my deep beliefs and those of my ancestors. The best part is she puts me back together with the brightness of love and light, with confidence to move forward and go for my dreams! We cleared obstacles in my desire to attract my romantic partner, but first we had to align my financial struggles. Struggles that weren’t even mine but carried over from my parents. I’ve now embraced my true financial vibration where every day I create income. I have now attracted the most wonderful, connective, smart and social man that I am crazy about. Every vibration in my body is alive and humming.”

Lynann King

Novato, CA


“I feel rinsed clean from the inside out.”

Paula Stepp.

Chicago, IL


“I just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation for the reading you did for me recently. I really felt your care and focus, your total presence. It meant a lot to me. I am working on the healing myself part, feeling more permission to imagine the life that gives me pleasure and happiness. It's getting easier and I know the reading is a part of that. So anyway, thank you again and I look forward to working with you on understanding and reading the Akasha.”


Petaluma, CA


“I love your set up before the reading letting me know what's going to happen - such safe supporting all along the way. What I love most are your positive responses to everything, all is right, the connection to Source conversation, and when I would feel something in my body, you'd feel and acknowledge that right then and there. You are a light, a delight, a space of love and magic. Thank you so very much.”

Diane Vetterlein,

Novato, CA


“It's been good to reflect on all you shared and to really feel my guides come in as you opened the records - it was truly powerful...I could feel their love, support, patience, and humor.”

A. M.


“Thank you Annie from the bottom of my heart!  You are simply amazing and I am so lucky and fortunate to have met you.  You are an angel I have met in the midst of this all-consuming, exhausting nightmare world of MS!”

Lisa Heitkemper,

Napa, CA


“Thank you Annie - it was a lovely experience and you are so gracious, generous and so delighted with life...I love your laugh* There is much to reflect on and I look forward to listening to [the recording of] our conversation many times...I come away today with 'Love myself more and appreciate what I have accomplished, continue to step out of my “Family Law” system'... You answered all of my questions and I appreciate all that you do...”

G. M.


“Dear Annie, I feel a tremendous sense of relief on every level. I am reciting the prayer you gave me in my reading. Thankfully my obsession is lifting. I learned that I can discern how much of myself I commit to a situation or person and to be very careful about making vows. Your reading made a huge difference in my life. Since the reading, I've been flooded with emotions that I'm gently allowing to flow through me. I take total responsibility for my choices and their resulting repercussions. Thank you for your guidance and validation. I feel good about myself. Thanks again. You are amazing.“

A. M.


"Thanks for the beneficial and insightful reading. I now will show unconditional love towards myself and have greater empathy for my sister. Thanks again for sharing your psychic gifts with me."

A. M.


"Hi Annie, Thank you so much for reading for me yesterday. You are truly a gift to the world."

Paula. C.


"Understanding how Dick and I have related to each other in the past was particularly helpful - to know that we have known the closeness of not only lovers but as siblings. It put the relaxed comfort of our relationship and the playful competitiveness we have with each other in a new light of understanding. Regarding our deeply connected hearts? That's the truth and no one can take that away. With that context in mind, I realize there is nothing lost and no reason to come from a place of scarcity or loss. The love was there before, it is here today, and will be here tomorrow. We continue to choose each other and our experience of each other with some minor adjustments. Every time I feel a little whiney and pouty, I remind myself of that and take a deep breath.”

G. C.


"Annie, the reading was meaningful.  Thank you!  The most poignant portion was when you said that the Master had his hand over my solar plexus and saying I've done a good job.  You answered everything I was curious about at this time."

N. M.



“Working with Annie is like going to Dr. Dumbeldor’s office at Hogwarts. Magic happens there!”

Dr. Linda Berry,



"Great reading. I think things really started to click when I made the conscious decision to trust in your abilities completely and let spirit take over."

Pat H.


"The reading with you was one of the sweetest experiences ever. I immediately felt the incredible love and care of my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and I started laughing and that energy. So many goose bumps and shivers I got. Wow!! I felt endless showers of love and blessings. I got to understand some blocks from a past life that I could resolve during the reading around money and I got to liberate one of my past life master-teachers who was so happy when I sent him into the Light. Also, at the end when you said my mom finally gets to be the princess – wow. That almost blew me away. I had a totally different concept. Because she can hardly do anything by herself I thought she was doing badly, but she is quite content - to hear or imagine she is finally getting to be the princess. She was doing the contrary all her life, serving all of us unconditionally, giving and giving and doing. Now, she gets to just be and everybody around her is serving her. That changed something profoundly in me - such relief and calm. That was a real gem!!! Awesome experience!!!"

Gisele Fahrbach,



"Annie always inspires and lifts my spirits!"

Amy Nickle,

Recovery Counselor & Photographer,


"Hello beautiful, just wanted to let you know, about 5 or so years ago I had a session with you and I remember that you told me I was a teacher of the earth, and you asked me if I had a tepee. I hadn't thought about it until a week ago... but I am opening an earth centered education school and someone donated us a tepee. Looks like it will start out as my classroom."

Joy Gallina,


Maui, Hawaii


"Having known Annie for many years, and recently enjoyed one of her readings, I encourage everyone to book an appointment with her. I received exactly what I needed, and spending time basking in her Love and Light is healing in and of itself!"

Maggie Lynn Sorgen,

Grants Pass, OR

"It may come as a surprise to those who don't know me well that I have an interest in soul development. I have explored many technologies and practices which today, might be called alternative, but in the scope of human history are well-established practices for deepening spiritual understanding. So it is with a certain, learned level of confidence that I can say Annie Bachelder is the real deal, and I highly recommend her."

Tomas, McAuliff,

Certified Financial Planner


"Annie Bachelder is absolutely amazing. I've never experienced a reading as remarkable as the one I received from her. She's such a gentle soul with a powerful connection to God/Source. Annie delivers the messages she receives with such a loving heart, free of judgments and so accurate! I'll never get a reading from anyone else again."

Stacy Chandler,

Chicago, IL


"Thank you Annie!  I'm comforted by knowing I'm on track, can keep my home and let go of the office because, yes, it's been pulling me in the opposite direction.  I am free to say ”Yes” to my final outcome and my great life.  I'm grateful."

Dr. Jasmine Esguerra,

DC San Anselmo, CA


"What a wonderful reading, Annie!  I got such a grounded, peaceful feeling as you read my Akashic Records that I’m on the right path, moving in the right direction with all the guidance, love and support of the Universe.  I so appreciated how you framed the questions I had to elicit the most powerful answers from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  The guidance and confirmations I received during our session were absolutely useful and affirming.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Shannon Presson,

President Elect NAWBO


"Wonderful Session! I really enjoyed the parts that related to other possible lifetimes of connection with family members and the understanding that I felt you transmitted. Thanks so very much."

Jean Grant Sutton,

Petaluma, CA


"Dear Annie, Thanks so much for the reading yesterday.  Your compassion and love shined through brightly. There were many clear details and specific steps mentioned that I took immediately. It was exactly what I needed - a big jump start.  The Universe is so generous and aware; it boggles the mind. Since that moment, I have embraced the writing and gone forward with much more confidence of a bright future, more able to let go and trust that all is well in my life. The seeds of my life's destiny are planted and I know exactly what steps to take. I cannot thank you enough. You are a gift to me and to the world."

Susan Brochin,

Mountain View, CA


"The most powerful insight revealed was that the cycle of sexual abuse has been broken because of my courage to speak up. I felt all of my questions were addressed and I had no lingering issues. I was truly happy with my reading and you did an amazing job!"

Helen Vonderheide,


"The most insightful and energetically powerful experience for me during the reading was when I was able to examine a situation in my childhood that I had long forgotten, but was still holding onto energetically.  I felt at peace and whole as the small child of the past along with the emotional event, was brought forward and healed. All of my questions were addressed eloquently and with compassion and I am very grateful for your insight.  You have a unique ability to mix humor and sweetness and made me feel comfortable and safe during the reading. You are very gifted, Annie, and I highly recommend your services."

Margaret Nock,


"I feel spiritually awakened and thankful to know I'm on the right path. I am excited to see how I deepen my connection with the universe and become more grounded, learning and experiencing what my soul was meant to do. It was most impactful when you described me as a powerful woman in my 50's & 60's and that I'm a healer and all my lives are so purposeful.  Thank you!"


San Rafael, CA


"I want to thank you for our last session and to tell you how grateful I am for your gift and your warmth. Both have really helped me improve my ability to stay peaceful in my relationship with my stepson. The insights you channel are invaluable."

Karen Granovski


“Annie helped clarify whether or not I should take the CA State Bar and if having children was my path in life.  We delved into questions regarding career and a possible new job.  We also spoke about my relationship with my father and my husband’s illness.  It was a great reading and I felt completely at peace when the reading was completed.   I have not felt that light or lightness in a very long time.”

Erika Martinez


"I really was fascinated by the past life info; about how my husband and I were both brother/sister and sister/sister. The forgiveness ritual at the end to release once and for all ill feelings towards LG was powerful and I hope to uphold that. I told a tableful of women last night about the experience of the reading and they were interested- I said I have your contact into if they want it."

Wendy Nuessle


"I loved our reading! You answered all my questions, and the most helpful thing you tapped into was my innate spirituality, which you helped me realize could be truly maximized by taking more breaths, and being connected with the 12 step program. I REALLY needed to hear that, and that was such an incredibly profound thing you brought to my attention! I now am recommitted to getting a sponsor again and working my steps! You are the best Annie! Thank you!"

Hilary Garrett


"What a blessing! Now, I know I am not alone and you are an earth angel. Thank you so much for opening my mind and heart a bit more and yes we are spiritual beings in a Spiritual world.

Thank you so much-   Namaste"

Laura Franceschini

“I have had a lot of readings over the years, some good and some not so good. Annie is a true medium.  She is the real deal!"

Dr. Rebecca Nystrom,

San Rafael, CA

“I feel more "myself", like the "Lisa" who was meant to be Lisa in this life.  I feel freer and more spontaneous in my movement and personality.  I have also had two separate occasions where I have released the psychic hold of three men who had a big impact on me. One man was abusive, and suddenly he appeared in my mind, and I felt love for him in the "we are complete" kind of way.  I haven't seen him for 10 years, but my experience with him was so powerful that to know we are complete feels so right.  The other two men I said goodbye to in my dream just last night! I know all these shifts have everything to do with the work we did."

L. K.



You helped me to figure out how I handle people and situations, and why. I feel like I understood myself better after our session.”

N. K.

Marin County, CA

“These changes have everything to do with my Akashic Records Reading and the work we did together.”

L. K.


“Annie is the real deal.”

E. Y.

Larkspur, CA

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