Thank you so much for all of this and for our time together!  I listened to it again this morning and wrote down so many notes. As this was my first Akashic Records reading, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had so much fun with you, the time flew by. I so appreciate your gifts; your insight and connection with the spiritual world, your honesty and ability to give a wider perspective, your sense of humor and use of stories and metaphors. I felt such high vibrational energy flowing as confirmation of what you were telling me, a validation of the truth of your words.  It was as if you were giving form to my souls’ experience, bringing it out of my inner world and shedding light on it though speech. Everything you shared with me explains so much of my life and has given me a deeper understanding of where I am at in my journey. It has given me a much richer insight into my existence and tied together so many loose ends. Since our time together, I have had some wonderful activation and expect that more will be coming. I look forward to connecting with you again in the near future."      

4-20-20 L.T, San Rafael, CA

“Thank you for the exceptional reading yesterday. It was exceedingly helpful, for myself and my daughter is very appreciative of what you channeled "for her" and we both agree that you just provided 5 years of relationship information. It has put her into a spot of better accepting the so-called shortcomings of her new boyfriend, and perhaps even loving him a bit more. 

Even more so, your acknowledgment of my daughter and her development as a person must have settled something in her, because later in the evening, her life suddenly fell into place and the things she has been struggling with (education, area of study, future) became clear, easy choices. Last night she applied for college because - out of the blue - she is now ready and knows her direction. Thank you! "

4-17-20 A.N. , Copenhagen, Denmark

It was such an immense joy to meet you. You’re a ray of pure sunlight and goodness. And it was an honor that you did my reading. It was super powerful and I felt like something shook loose. The next day, it felt like I was manifesting like crazy. " 


London & NY


“I felt like you had real insights into the questions I was asking.  You totally understood that this life is dedicated to helping other people have an easier path through life.  I knew it inside but hadn’t really brought it up to the surface of my consciousness. I haven’t been fearful of death for a long time, but now I understand why I’m not fearful.  I’d like to delve deeper into spirituality and will check out the websites you recommended and set up another reading with you in the near future. Thanks so much!”


San Rafael, CA


“Your reading was nothing short of miraculous.  I felt held, supported and informed by my very own master’s, loved ones and healers.  I believe that you can bring us with you as you travel into a very sacred healing space.  You are completely the real deal.  Xoxo”

Dr. Rebecca Nystrom

San Rafael, CA


I am so grateful for you, the Chronic Wellness Process and working in the Akashic Records with you. I have changed so much with your amazing program and know this will not be my last time working with you. You changed my life! I have so much gratitude for all the goodness you brought to my life in these past seven months. Thank you, Annie!

Dayna Barnett

Mill Valley CA


“I have been feeling lighter and more hopeful since the reading. Like a big weight was lifted. Thank you so much!” 

Amy Lukens

Scot Valley, CA  


“Thank you, Annie.  I just went back and listened to the first half, which was when the light beings were showering me with bright light.  Honestly, that was a transforming moment in my life - to realize that I am so loved and supported and that really, anything is possible with that kind of love and light.” 

Shannon W.


Annie is a bright light of inspired experience and undivided compassion. Everyone deserves to experience her gifts, they are powerful!

Dr. Sydne Pomin

San Rafael, CA 


You are amazing! Your ability to see and feel what I feel inside is phenomenal. The first time I came to see you I was struggling with some issues of letting go. With your assistance, I walked away feeling a weight a lifted that had been there for three years!  You are so good at helping me get clear on issues. When I saw you this year you hit the nail right on the head on several issues. I walk freely today. Your insight helped my assistant regain his health. You were right about his digestive problem! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Janet Hamilton

Marin County, CA


"It was so wonderful to find out that I have a past life talent that I can explore again. I could feel my body relaxing and opening up to the new opportunities that await me.  Annie, you gave me the encouragement and confidence to go for it!"  


Easy Bay, CA 


“You have been the beam of light through this whole MS disease process.  I thank YOU for all the wisdom, caring and compassion you have shown me.”

Lisa Heitkemper

Napa CA,

Chronic Wellness Process client

“Annie’s readings are the super highway to clearing blockages, even the stronghold negative blocks transferred at birth from my parents and my lineage. She provides a safe structure to be able to discuss and clear my deep beliefs and those of my ancestors. The best part is she puts me back together with the brightness of love and light, with confidence to move forward and go for my dreams! We cleared obstacles in my desire to attract my romantic partner, but first we had to align my financial struggles. Struggles that weren’t even mine but carried over from my parents. I’ve now embraced my true financial vibration where every day I create income. I have now attracted the most wonderful, connective, smart and social man that I am crazy about. Every vibration in my body is alive and humming.”

Lynann King

Novato, CA


“Dear Annie, I feel a tremendous sense of relief on every level. I am reciting the prayer you gave me in my reading. Thankfully my obsession is lifting. I learned that I can discern how much of myself I commit to a situation or person and to be very careful about making vows. Your reading made a huge difference in my life. Since the reading, I've been flooded with emotions that I'm gently allowing to flow through me. I take total responsibility for my choices and their resulting repercussions. Thank you for your guidance and validation. I feel good about myself. Thanks again. You are amazing.“

A. M.



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