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4-7-20 Bringing Forth Soul ConsciousnessTransitioning Between States of Consciousness

Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness reduces stress. It reduces the impact of mass thought and lightens the load on the nervous and immune systems – on all physical systems – not just your individual body. Truly, it is A Bringing Forth, a birthing, a process, of course. For a process allows humanity to become aware gradually, and to adapt by bits, on the go. To do otherwise would be too shocking and many would close down and automatically deselect the increased consciousness and unity being offered. Many would deselect it as too dangerous and unknown, foreign, strange. Evolution is a process of gradual change, of gradual adaptation by design.

Because no energy is forever lost, and every Soul is eternal, an abortion does not

kill a Soul or person, it merely changes the timeline of Its appearance and

experience on earth. This is true of war and murder. Because the Soul is infinite

and unkillable, incorruptible, the personality that dies in war or murder simply

releases physical form, changing back into pure energy and is reabsorbed by the

All That Is, awaiting the next experiential incarnation. The personality that is

killed in war or by murder has designated this to be so, has chosen this so-called

end and this transition. The drama and the players are all part of the Plan, my

dear. All part of the plan.

“Transitioning”, as a process, is a skill to be mastered in its many forms. One may

be transitioning from being a child into a teenager, a teenager onto a young adult,

an adult into an aged person, an aged person into matter-less consciousness

commonly known as Soul. One may be transitioning from work-life to home-life,

from couch potato to exerciser extraordinaire! One may transition from fearful to

confident, from hold back to step forward. You may be transitioning from being

wholly male or wholly female consciousness to a blended and balanced form of


Transitioning is expressed in the process of change attributed to the acquisition of consciousness. Various degrees of consciousness effect degrees of change in the personality and the consequent concepts of reality. Preferably, as the personality acquires increased Soul Consciousness, the personality feels less constricted by the physical, feels enlarged, and its capabilities refreshed. In this process, the personality acquires familiarity with its Soul, gently transitioning earth-bound consciousness to the wider options afforded at the Soul level perspective. Obtaining the Soul level perspective is why we have availed you access to the Akashic realms as an aid. The Akashic perspective is free of judgment, resistance and fear and releases you to embrace whole-heartedly, the broader view of circumstances, choices and relationships. You are transitioning from being a body-based personality to a Soul, awake, alive and aware! This process is akin to being present at the birth of a human child. Such an awesome event is wonder-producing and awe-inspiring! We thoroughly enjoy witnessing your ever-increasing appetite for acquiring Soul Consciousness, for this is the main theme of your incarnation in this lifetime. We wish to invest in you, and within you, our appreciation and encouragement for the process. The process never stops. We, too, are ever-expanding into greater and greater fields of consciousness, adapting our reach and reformatting our love to fit the changing complexities.

We suggest that you love your transitions. All of them. As you become familiar with your Soul and Its Soul Consciousness, you will be more invested in your abilities to have Soul Consciousness, you will soften the rough edges of your process. You will streamline your learning and be less fatigued or bothered. Your ability to adapt to change will be a thought-free, seamless event, a smooth transition.

If you are hearing this information and it is making vibratory, energetic sense to you, then you are able to know and to sustain your Soul Consciousness. Allow the mind, the brain-mind, plenty of time to catch up as it is hard-wired into the physical and the personality. It is doing the best that it can to conceive of and hold this energy in its dainty awareness.

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