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Courage Class, Zoom, December 7, 2019, 9am PST to 10:30am

Updated: May 30, 2022

In a recent Akashic Records session I asked my Akashic Beings of Light “What can I know about Courage and teaching the Courage class?” The answer was this:

“Courage has to do with how you motivate and empower yourself.

“If the motivation is sourced in “Shame, Blame, Should or Ought To” the courage to go forward simply won’t materialize, the project won’t get off the ground and, as in all things spiritual (and everything is spiritual!), getting the energetic lift is absolutely essential!

“If the motivation is based in “Shame, Blame, Should or Ought To” then what you are holding is a whip not a carrot.

“If you motivate yourself with what is currently firing your rocket and fueling your enthusiasm, then, Yee Haw! We have lift off! If you are motivated by what is in alignment with your Souls agenda for you, the needed energy and resources will keep presenting themselves. If you are experiencing sustained enthusiasm, even a kind of urgency, and the details about the How, What and Why of it keep appearing, well then, you are on the right path.

“Courage has to do with how you feel, especially if you are afraid of how you’ll be received. That is the “sticking your neck out” thing. Are you endangering yourself? No. You simply seek to share with others the breakthrough’s you have experienced that have fueled your progress toward happiness and right livelihood.

“People do not grow through a “make-wrong” or through criticism. They grow through acknowledgement, acceptance and appreciation.

“Acknowledging blocks and fears” is always good sport! This is useful as long as you are doing it as a form of clearing, not stacking the evidence-deck against yourself or as a list of “why nots”, the list of reasons why you can’t possibly do or be this new thing.

Acknowledging blocks and fears and why not’s must be done with compassion and detachment – and with the intention of releasing them to Source.

“The “why nots” have value, especially in the case when this is not the right time to start or focus on a project. Courage knows when to act and when not to act – just like a Samurai knows when to act and when not to act. Conscious awareness of your list of why nots will let you know where your personality or ego is overly invested and needs to be lovingly encouraged to support the new action you intend to take.

“For you, Annie, teaching the Courage Class is about sticking your neck out and believing in yourself! The blocks have been cleared. You are being directed to do this as a Soul Purpose activity and it is a service to those who participate. As a Divine Light Channel you are “leading by doing” now. The preparation (writing the outline) is only to make your personality happy. The preparation shows you what is in store for the participants while demonstrating to you personally that you already know this material and process. The real preparation is surrendering to your Souls loving, light-filled direction and going for it! Do not forget that you have the mighty backing of many Akashic Light Beings and your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.”

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