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How Healing Transpires in the Akashic Records

Every time we activate the Divine Portal to your Akashic Records (a.k.a. “The cosmic Chronicles of You”) you receive a healing. The Light of the Akasha amplifies the Light of your Soul, creating a deeper, more intimate connection between the human you with your Soul. Each subsequent opening of your Records increases this Soul connection which enhances your spiritual growth and the assimilation of new wisdom. Being in the energy of your own Souls Akashic Records assists you in expanding your perspective and making appropriate changes easily and effectively.

The Light does the healing as it seeks itself in you.

In the Akashic Records, the spoken word transmits fresh energy and new solutions to your problems. The spark of light in each one of your cells responds to the Light of your Soul in the Akashic Records. Harmony reigns as the truth is told about the higher purpose of the problem you’ve presented. Transformation can happen at the level of the problem, the level of causes and conditions, and at the level of your Soul’s blueprint. At all three levels unconditional self- love increases and the profound awareness of your own Souls perfect presence becomes fact.

The Soul’s Journey is its evolution into awareness of its perfection.

Your Soul cannot be dented, damaged, contaminated, lost, divided or destroyed. Your Soul is now, and always will be, perfect.

You may feel you have been to the gates of hell (and many of you have!) however nothing you have experienced has the power to extinguish your Soul’s Light.

The paradox of this spiritual journey is that despite harrowing and traumatizing events, at the Soul level of consciousness, you are absolutely perfect.

Your Soul is yearning for intimacy with you, for connection with the human you, in order to assist you to solve problems, release unwanted past life and ancestor influences, to heal traumas, and to enjoy this life.

As a Divine Light Akashic Channel, my job is to know, see and reflect back to you this truth about you – that you are perfect, whole and complete.

My job is to illuminate how all illness, suffering, resentment, lack and limitation are portals to your spiritual growth. Every problem is an opening, an opportunity to grow in self-love. Every distressing event in your life is your Soul calling you to come closer, to connect with your Soul’s healing Light, so that you can create Divine order from the chaos and disorder of the past.

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