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Three Kinds of Fear


There are three kinds of fear. The first is the flight or fight kind of fear associated with survival. The second is fear of the past and third is fear of the future. You experience fear that the past dictates the future creating repetition of events and experiences in a never-ending saga in which you have no choice!

Please do not condemn yourself for experiencing fear. Condemnation is never helpful.

Biological fear, the flight or fight version of fear, ensures your survival and is necessary and helpful. It probably has come to your rescue on many occasions! It is important to appreciate its service to you and find gratitude for its ability to keep you safe and alive.

Fear of the past is based on memory, the limited human mind and its interpretation of past events. Fear of the past tells you that the new experience you are having, or anticipating, will turn out to be a dangerous repeat of a similar past experience. Your body tightens up, defensive shields go up, and the breath becomes shallow. Fear of the past keeps you off-balance as you root around in the past trying to change something that is not within your control. Well, that moment has passed. Your option here is to relax and accept that you did what you did, said what you said, and thought what you thought, and you judged yourself as good or bad accordingly. The experience stands and is recorded in the Akashic Record. However, it need not be what steers your course.

Fear of the future is the active belief that the future will be worse than the present. Fear of the future keeps you off-balance trying to do damage control over things that have not yet occurred (based on evidence found in rooting around in past experiences). This sets up an expectation, an ill-fitting intention that is at odds with your present moment Soul alignment. You experience inner conflict and the mind sends out negative pictures into the future. Fear of the future is often tied to beliefs such as “I am not ______ enough.” Beliefs such as “I am not strong enough, prepared enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough, smart enough, rich enough”. As the energy of these limited thoughts go out they narrow the opening of your receiving, reducing your ability to create a better present moment and a better future. Again, this need not be what steers your course.

Here we advise loosening up. Shake yourself off. Let go of the grip of control, accept the past and expect good things and amazing outcomes coming to you! Here one positive thought or shift in perception can neutralize thousands of negative ones. It is a beginning. And a beginning is all that is needed.

Biological fear does not take into account the activity and intricate inner workings of the Divine within you. It does not take into account that you and your Soul are part of the Divine fabric of consciousness. Fear of the past does not take into account the changes in you since your past. Fear of the future does not take into the account all the seemingly inconsequential things you have done to fuel your growth and evolution, paving the path that is an energetic match to a wonderful present and a delightful future.

By being present in the moment, bringing all your little selves into alignment with your Soul, you become whole, well, confident, and trusting that this is a friendly universe and all is well. Forgive the past. Stand in the present moment and admire the Light that is streaming into you from all directions. This is your substance, your possibility and your proof of worthiness.

The truth is you are further along your path than you think! And so, we bid you adieu for now.

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