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The Principle of Non-Resistance

Earlier this month I had the privilege of scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea. After 2 ½ years of diving and 120 dives I finally experienced neutral buoyancy. Gone were the life and death struggles against corking to the surface or plummeting to the depths of the beautiful coral reefs. As the surge in the shallows rocked me to and fro, I synced my breathing to match. As I floated weightless in the amniotic blue, observing all manner of sea life in motion all around me, I was free of the constant grip of gravity. I was free to notice the school of small blue fish as they danced, responding to their invisible mutual group consciousness, bursting as one, going up, then down, left and right, then dissipating. Free to observe, in wonder, the extravagant range of colors and textures in the flora and fauna. In this state of non-resistance I could accept what was, accept all that is, without any desire to fix or change anyone or anything. I was both a part of, and the whole.

Gratitude rose from within, expanded and encompassed me like a halo of Light.

I was at peace.

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