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The Art of Receiving – an Essential Function of Manifesting

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

“Receiving or Giving, Sick or Well, Rich or Poor, your essence is the tipping point between these pairs of opposites. This tipping point contains the third, fourth, fifth options to the limitations of these pairs of opposites that represent duality. The tipping point is larger than you might think and is totally in the present moment. Zero in on it. Place your awareness in the tipping point. This is where receiving really happens. This is where there is no judgment, no measurement, no assessment of good or bad, positive or negative.

“This consciousness is beyond “deserving”. Of course, you are deserving! You are here aren’t you? You have managed to have the consciousness required for maintaining a body and all that it takes to be here on planet earth. Enough said.

“There is an openness to receiving. Feel it in the center of your body, in the 2nd and 3rd chakra’s. You have been sitting on this egg in the 2nd chakra, getting ready for it to hatch for many, many years – lifetimes even. Your Will in the 3rd chakra is sufficiently developed and sufficiently refined in order to bring this receiving into fruition, into reality, into manifestation.

“Now you have to trust. Feel the vulnerability of the “Open to Receive” state of being. The Receiving state also contains, or simultaneously activates a Light-filled column, your column of Grace, that runs the length of your spine and out the top of your head, through the Soul chakra and beyond.

“Feel the vulnerability, maybe you are feeling a bit of fear coming up in the form of these questions:

What will arrive?

Will it be in the form that I have requested and envisioned -- even demanded?

Will it be what I have been wanting?

What if I no longer want it?

What if it shows up in a different form?

Will I recognize it as my creation?

What if it arrives and it points me in a whole new direction?

How will I handle that?

Will I be able to trust the process?

Here are some really good questions: What if what I receive is way better than what I ordered?

Can I still have it? Own it as mine?

“When you feel vulnerable you are feeling that you are not in control. Let’s sit with that for a moment. Tell yourself, “I am not in control… I am not in control... I am not in control…” Stay with not being in control a little longer. Settle into that feeling and without running away? Can you make friends with the feeling of not being in control? Tell yourself, “Of course I am not in control”.

“Now, let go of your agenda. Let go of your wants, your desires, your aspirations, and your ambitions. Let them slide off and away from you. Be in this moment fully. Become aware of how large this moment is. Gently add in the “Open to Receive” state of being.

“Feel how this feels, especially in the 2nd and 3rd chakras. Observe with your awareness that area. Kind of busy, isn’t it? Lot’s going on there -- a very energetic apparatus in action. Meanwhile, the rest of you is calm and quiet. Your “reaction system” is soothed and quiet. Fear has been neutralized, swept away.

“Now, your “Open to Receive” state of being is calm, steadied and purified. It almost feels like an echo chamber. You open to receive, you send your requests out into the Universe and the echo comes back to you as willingness, as courage, as strength, as increased abilities, as trust in the process, as trust that the Universe is sustaining and maintaining you abundantly.

“Now your affirmations are:

I open to receive the clients that my talents, gifts and abilities can most help.

I open to my natural state of being: where I am of service to many, many clients, to my family and friends, in the highest and best way.

I trust in the Universe.

I know with confidence that all is in perfect order.

I need not worry. Everything is in hand.

“Let each spark of Light, in every cell of your body, record and remember this “state of receiving”, as a state of serenity, safety, buoyed by our ever-present Love for you.

“We bid you Adieu.”

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