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How Can I Learn to Do Readings About the Future?”

About a year ago I wrote a lengthy article (or was it a rant?) on “Why Future Readings Aren’t Good For You”. Some months later my spiritual Guide, Anubis, suggested that I simply learn the skill. Hmmm. That feels more open, hopeful and more receptive than the first article. While on the plane to my recent scuba dive trip I opened my own Akashic Records to ask my Akashic Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones the question “How can I learn to do readings about the future? What follows is their response:

“First, be not afraid of your own future, afraid of not getting what you want, have planned and have diligently worked toward. Be not afraid of what is opening up for you. Simply acknowledge that everything in your past has been entirely for your good! Everything has always worked out for you. Be at peace with and appreciative of your present conditions and accomplishments."

“Practice receiving Light from your Future Self."

“Think of the future as a “complex likelihood” as Dr. Linda Howe calls it.

“Rather than tuning into the dominant energy - your client’s fear of the future - zero in on the path they are on. How it is unfolding, and what qualities are being brought to the forefront for development? Tune into the client’s Future Self and the Light that their Future Self is streaming toward them. Note the loving, supportive and appreciative qualities of this Light.

“Just as with seeing Past Lives or the influences of the Ancestors, let the scenario come into focus. Note the details that signify time, location, participants and setting develop. Similar to a Kodak instamatic photograph, let the details fill in. Look around the edges of the image for less obvious information. Feel the energy, the emotions and the Light.

“Compress time or play with “No Time” and see what happens to the vignette you are witnessing. Just as when you look to see when and why the client may need another reading simply let the information come to you."

“Detach from the results and from “people pleasing”. Tell the truth about what you are receiving. People are stronger than you think. Look at how well you are doing! Clients may initially be disappointed or defensive. Often these emotions assist clients in taking action that will most benefit them in moving toward a better future."

“Radiate your belief in a friendly Universe! A Universe that is on your side, is poised to aid you on your path, and wants to maintain and sustain you abundantly."

“Look to the underlying issues such as fear and “lack” beliefs."

“What is the client holding as their Plan B? How is Plan B controlling, limiting or interfering with Plan A?"

“Look at any decisions they have already made “just in case” they don’t get what they want. “Just in Case” decisions may be operating on top of “what they want”.

“Look at the client’s fear of disappointment and how they are defending themselves against that possibility."

“We remind you - and your clients - that you all are on your proper path and cannot be on the wrong path and that your experience of each present moment builds the future one thought and one feeling at a time."

“We bid you adieu for now.”

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