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“Energy Preparation for an Empowered 2019” Exercise

These questions were the foundation of my open invitation to a complimentary Guided Meditation on “Preparing Energetically for an Empowered 2019”. Use the questions and observe your inner knowingness as you ask how you can make body, mind & spirit coordinate more fluidly? Without judgment, receive what you get and write it down.

Below the questions (in bold) are my personal responses:

1) What brings me joy in body, mind & spirit?

- Physical activity/exercise keeps my body comfortable, healthy & keeps my mind calm & loving – all of which support my spiritual aspirations.

- My spirit soars when doing readings, teaching and leading guided meditations. My spirit is fulfilled & inspired when writing class outlines, designing guided meditations & creating practice elements.

- My spirit loves learning new skills, expanding & exploring new consciousness.

1A) How often do I need to schedule or practice these elements?

-Continue with daily meditations morning and night, more if tired or scattered.

-Exercise 4+ days per week at whatever level of difficulty feels correct especially at the beginning.

-Beach walks or hiking with Peter, something different that fulfills physical, spiritual or weekly sexual needs.

-Using the Tania Guide, schedule writing days, teaching days & call back days.

-Read inspiring material, finish reading the Divine Self transcripts.

-Go to 2 seminars this year.

-Teach 4 – 6 classes this year.

-Reconstruct the Akashic Wellness Program into a 2 weekend or 5day spiritual retreat. Maybe collaborating with someone else (Dr. N?)

1B) What do I notice when I envision adding joyful factors into my priorities?

-I feel excited about class plans, being more public about my work, inspired about the future.

-I feel secure about what happens this year, that everything will work out better than I can imagine.

-I feel the Divine Self is bringing more joy, levity & detachment & is paving the way, solving problems & generating openings in my consciousness.

2) What unblocks my productivity?

-Peace, appreciation of what I have accomplished & being seen/heard in public.

-Doing readings at fairs, speaking at meetings & other opportunities, incorporating new elements into my work & spiritual growth. I am always being productive. It’s a way of life!

-Spiritual food & processes.

2A) What is the effect on - &/or what change is indicated in body, mind &/or spirit?

-Take a long look back on 2018 to notice/list & give myself credit for what I have produced, created & excelled at! It has been an excellent year!

1) I created proper festival indoor & outdoor booths & did readings at 3 (or 4?) festivals,

2) invented my own Akashic Prayer & road tested it,

3) Created the Divine Self Prayer,

4) created “Channeling the Divine Self” class,

5) I created the Chronic Wellness Support Group.

I have become accustomed to standing in my own authority on who I am, what I know, and in the truth of my own Light. Meditating twice daily has produced an increase in growth, confidence & inspiration. I am channeling more & more! I have an inspiring & deeply satisfying relationship with my partner Peter, have excellent relationships with my elderly parents, siblings & cousins, & at both Networking groups.

2B) What judgment, self-criticism or “this before that” is ready to be released?

I release the old thought that I am not ready to teach, to be a leader, to be on the forefront of spiritual growth and manifesting. I am ready! I release the thought that I have to master of the new material that I channel before I can teach it, lead it & be a demonstration of it. My job is to channel it! The new material is working in me more deeply than my personality knows! This is another benefit of Channeling the Divine Self.

3) What have I been resisting? Body, mind &/or spirit?

I had been resisting being a Teacher, Leader & had not recognized that I am an accomplished expert in my field! My personality mind is a few steps behind the level from which my spirit is leading! That is the Divine Self going out in front of me to prepare the way.

-Affirmation: I no longer resist my own Authority, Light and Courage. I embrace it.

3A) If I accept this wholly now, what would shift and how?

By accepting all that I have accomplished & worked for, I become wholly present & standing in my own Light for all to see. I accept the opportunity to be public & am willing to have 100 people per week be in touch with my energy, information & the possibilities that I embody now. I accept the power & the authority to live out this manifestation of who I am in a way that brings others with me, uplifts & benefits the world.

4) What new attitude, project or phase are you ushering in for 2019? What is the affect on body, mind & spirit?

Physically correct posture & fitness through appropriate exercise 5 times per week.

I am ushering in a decade of teaching classes on Reading the Akashic Records (beginning & advanced), Channeling the Divine Self, & The Akashic Wellness Program. I will be doing 200+ readings in 2019.

5) How do I serve my neighborhood & community?

How does this affect body, mind & spirit?

Leading monthly guided meditations at 2 or 3 different addiction rehabs.

My twice daily meditation practice brings Light & healing to my home, my partner, my neighborhood, my clients, students & my community.

My care for my elderly parents benefits my family, several neighborhoods & the community in general.

Being a referral source helps other business people to succeed.

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