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Cooperating or Resisting My Souls Choice to be Me

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Answers inspired by an Open Records exercise from “Healing Through the Akashic Records” by Dr. Linda Howe

I cooperate with the highest possibility of who I am in this life through

o Divine Portal Akashic Record Readings,

o Personal spiritual practice & study,

o And by being the Light that I AM for all to see!

I refuse and resist the Soul-level choice I made to be me in this incarnation when

o I do not exercise, dance, stretch, play & be in my body expressing physical joy and pleasure.

o I don’t allow myself to revel in the abundance & freedom I have already manifested!

By honoring my Soul’s choice to be me

o I shorten the distance between my human self and the perfection that is my Soul.

o Neutralizes the tension, misalignment & disharmony that I feel like “separation” from my

Soul and Source.

An everyday choice I make that honors my Soul’s choice is

o to do an “Awakening

Your Light Body” meditation instead of watching TV.

o This action makes living in the physical world easier.

o Eating lots of vegetable & brown rice supports physical harmony.

o Eating butter and cheese slows down my vibration & causes misalignment & disharmony.

Denial of the Self

o causes separation between my human Self and my Soul,

o loss of spiritual momentum.

Love & Acceptance of Self & my Soul’s purposes creates empowerment, energy & forward momentum.

My biggest responsibility is Owning my Light & flowing with The Universal Light.


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