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Are you stuck or are you evolving?

Feeling stuck seems to be the impetus for my evolution.

It is always good that we are reaching out for help with new thoughts, visions, beliefs and information that are not as limiting as what the mind wants to land on and generally preaches.

When I am considering doing something new, my mind usually dishes up a memory. It tries to compare a new thought, action or belief to something that it already knows and has experienced before. This is what it is designed to do as a way of protecting me from pain or known "bad" experiences. While this is effective in avoiding a snake bite or falling into alligator-filled waters, unfortunately it is not as useful when branching out into new thoughts, visions and beliefs! That leaves me feeling restless, uncertain and vulnerable. This fear and nervousness is because I am unable to predict the outcome of this new thought, vision or belief. And I very much want a good outcome, even if I look back and realize that I under-ordered with my idea of the "good outcome".

The good news is that I am actively seeking something new – a different approach, a higher perspective, a more loving way of being with myself. The other good news is that my Soul is the source urging me to sample the new menu, the potential new options. My Soul has nothing but Love for me, as I am right this moment, whether or not I "succeed", whatever that means... My Soul is pushing me to leave the security (although boring and repetitive) of the known and move into the new. Pretty precarious! Especially, as this feels a lot like "I’m screwed if I do and I’m screwed if I don't". Conveniently, this is a way of measuring that I am on the part of the Path where the old is leaving but the new has not yet arrived. This is a tough moment in life that only seems to happen when I am courting conscious change.

“Love yourself for being in the process!”, my Guide Anubis says laughingly. “You are engaging in the process of evolving and growing. The only option is to practice radical acceptance. Don't resist what you are feeling. Don't run from it. Don't try to change it.”

“Rather, put down your armor and sword. Sit still and invite your feelings to tea. Breathe freely and deeply. Imagine that your feelings are small children, your inner children, arranged in a circle around you. Ask the noisiest inner child to stand up and join you. Welcome this feeling with warmth and love as you would a small child. Notice whether this feeling is female or male. Does it have an age or development level? Ask this feeling what it is trying to accomplish? How is this feeling trying to help you? Protect you? What does this feeling think will happen if...? In what ways have you neglected or outright ignored this feeling? Open your heart to this feeling/child and love it intently. Wrap your arms securely around it. Rock it. Protect it. Do this until it feels more calm and quiet. Repeat the process with any other feelings.

“Now, show this inner child the big picture of what you are creating, where you are headed. Give it a job so it can help you create the vision. Empower this inner child to work creatively toward your goal. Tell it what the goal feels like, how it will help others, and what you need from your inner children. Remind them of your love for them.”

At this point in the process I am usually feeling kindly toward myself and my feelings and the frustration has melted away. My inner children always have good information, too. I am always surprised at their knowledge and contributions.

It may take me the rest of this life to learn to run toward my feelings rather than away from them. But I know now that my “stuckness” represents my commitment to my growth and evolution and is my Soul urging me onward and upward!

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