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Reverend Annie Bachelder


What to Expect in an Akashic Reading


Welcome to your personal resource for clarity, empowerment and peace of mind! 


For over 30 years, my clients have relied on me to help resolve their conflicts and concerns. Whether we are discussing your business, personal, health, wealth or relationships, using an established and proven process, safe and sacred in nature, together we tap into the energetic Record of your Soul and its influence on you. The Light of your Soul consistently amplifies practical solutions, new perspectives and – most importantly - restores your peace of mind.


Personally overcoming many devastating obstacles has created deep compassion for your suffering.  During readings, meditations and classes, people never forget the heightened experience of Divine Light and Joy.


Ready for your confusion and indecision to disappear? Please use the scheduling links and the Venmo or PayPal links below. Or call me personally 415-846-2412.

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Greetings Loved Ones!

Annie of here.

(You may want to tell a friend in need about this.)


Our culture is on the brink of continuous change and it is likely you are, too.


Would you like to know how your concerns about health, wealth and relationships

are the ways your Soul is elbowing you toward increasing your highest good?


Worldwide, my cherished clients have discovered that healing is automatic during an Akashic Records Reading. Readings help you to be heart centered, yet effective and purpose driven.


Let my proven, established process help you

to dissolve worry and fear,

receive loving, clear direction that elevates everyone,

and prepares you for action.

Pay only $204

for a Zoom or Phone Akashic reading.

Get a free reading when you refer 3 friends!


Hey there Friends! Are you facing a dilemma or situation on which you need Personal Guidance? We all experience situations that defy our usual problem solving abilities and need a new perspective to move forward. Look no further! I am here to provide personalized solutions through my advanced psychic skills.


For just $28 I channel an applicable and practical answer via voice recording emailed or texted to you within 12 hours. I deliver insightful guidance that goes right to the heart of the matter with compassion and gentleness. I help you to choose wisely, avoid harmful consequences, gain a deeper understanding of the matter disturbing your peace of mind, and why this situation is significant in your life. Let's work together to discover the answers you seek!


Purchase 3 for only $84.

Follow these 2 steps:

1) Pay $28 for One Question (or 3 for $84) on Venmo@ANNIE-BACHELDER or Zelle (AnnieChannels)

2) Email me your One Question at,

or text me at 415-846-2412,

or Messenger me at

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Thank you so much for my reading today. I have felt so uplifted since our reading.You brought much needed clarity to my issues and gave me a sense of hope and direction. It feels so wonderful to have depression and exhaustion replaced with optimism and peace. I also appreciate the practical guidance and wisdom that you shared with me to help me stay spiritually energized instead of depleted. You are wonderful! Much love and gratitude, 




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