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Akashic Beings of Light

Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness

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    • Akashic Study Guide for Living a Fulfilled Life

“Welcome new members! Welcome from the Akashic Beings of Light. You who are participating with this material are the ones who are ready and willing to see, feel, and act in new ways. You are the adventurers, the way-showers, the point-women, and men, charting the new path. For it is the old and stale that offends and frustrates you, making you impatient, but also willing to reach for the exciting, the vulnerable, new possibilities. In this way you resemble the creativity of the Great Creatress (our name for the Divine). She is experiencing all the nuances of your experience.


With Her, you are creating on the go, without the plan outline, or the map with preset directions. No format. Simply authentic experience. You are experiencing the joy of creating the beginning over and over in ever-new ways. Each moment is the beginning of something new. We help you experience the Light of your Soul and your intrinsic connection with the Great Creatress. We welcome you, again and again, to the Soul realms, to explore in the Akashic Records, for rejuvenation, education, and health of your body and personality, through enhanced connection with your Soul’s Light and Consciousness.” 


The Akashic Beings of Light

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